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What are unique candidates? Our extensive network allows us to identify those professionals who are ready to discuss new opportunities for themselves

However, these specialists are not always willing to embark on something new openly, but nonetheless they want us to represent their interests. Very often these candidates’ resumes garner little attention, because "there are no such vacancies" in this or that company. The market cannot always offer standard roles, but these professionals have a wide range of experience that allows a flexible approach to the task. Namely, creating a new role for them or integrating them into a structure that already exists.


Here are a few examples of such professionals:


Candidate №4

Experience in Marketing & Communication in Russian and Western companies (IT, telecom, financial institutions)


  • Experience in managing a team of 20 people (analysis & research, marketing, loyalty programs).

  • Solid achievements in Digital Marketing as well as in brand creation and brand integration.

  • Fluent English.


Candidate №6

Insurance Product Development Director has successful experience in improving and developing of several Russian sales pipelines


  • Experience in developing bank assurance channel in TOP 5 insurance companies and a successful insurance product in a well-known international bank. The candidate has launched 3 unique products which soon became bestsellers.

  • Sales of life insurance products and investment products have increased up to 250% over the past 2 years.

  • He has strong organization and people management skills and has several great success stories in his career. These stories involve team inspiration and motivation and brought the company to significant increase in sales.

  • Fluent English. 


Candidate №2

Project Lead (Lean Six Sigma). Black Belt in LSS.


  • 6 years of successful work in optimization of business processes;

  • Mixed experience in Banking, Consulting and Corporate segment;

  • Conducted projects for such Top Banks and Corporate clients;

  • Proved portfolio of implemented projects in optimization, methodology development and transformation;

  • Strong leadership skills, excellent communicator and unique expert in LSS.

Candidate №1

Business Development Manager. Active attraction and coverage of Top corporate clients.


  • Personal sales results in 2014: 5 new clients, 28 companies in portfolio, annual plan achievement – 124%;

  • Broad network of contacts among Russian and International top corporate clients;

  • Strong expertise on IT/Telecom market;

  • Entrepreneurial type of personality, very energetic and enthusiastic about active sales; strong leadership skills. 


Candidate №5

A lawyer with 3 year experience in ILF (the field of corporate law and M&A)



  • 4 year experience in investment banking.

  • Great at providing support to the bank President: legal support of strategic projects in corporate law, M&A (merging of large financial structures) and fundraising.


  • Experience in corporate governance of the largest Russian companies.

  • Solid track record of dealing with well-known leading Russian and international companies in various fields.

  • Excellent knowledge of international legislation.

  • Fluent English.



Candidate №3

A strong Director in sales department of medium-sized and large corporates from TOP 10 bank


  • The candidate has leadership skills and is experienced in managing the team of more than 45 people.

  • He increased a certain bank portfolio more than twofold and developed the business relationships with current and new bank clients.

  • Area of responsibility: regional branch network (Moscow and regions).

  • A business school education in London.

  • The candidate is willing to consider positions in Board / Board-1.