We search and find senior and mid-level managers, as well as highly qualified professionals with rare skills

We work remotely in the following Russian cities: St. Petersburg, Rostov -on-Don, Yakutsk, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Tyumen, Ufa, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk, Saratov, Voronezh, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and others.


In addition we have successful experience of partnerships with companies situated on the territory of  CIS countries. We also have international projects in Singapore and Hong Kong. We work with any candidate in any company and on any territory.



In order to find the right candidate, we use direct search methods
and a network of loyal candidates

We work with any candidate in any company and in any territory. This approach allows us to introduce candidates who are not actively searching for work to our clients and to solve complex problems with an outside-the-box approach.


Our customers trust us with confidential, high-precision and complex projects because they know that we find the right candidates with a deep analysis and knowledge of all sections of the market.


Every client is given a devoted consultant with whom they can resolve any issue. We are constantly in touch and respond to requests within one business day. We regularly follow up with our clients and candidates
Because resources are not always available to search for work , and because social and professional networks are not always enough to efficiently and quickly find candidates for sensitive, high-precision and complex projects, clients need partners in recruiting.
Each consultant represents a particular client. All consultants work professionally and efficiently, managing a high degree of responsibility: particular clients’ history, values and aspirations must be taken into account.




Service for Corporate Clients

Outplacement is the assessment and consulting top & mid-level managers to acquire the skills they need to succeed in their job search.


This service can be used in the following cases:

  • When a company’s staff must be reduced

  • In cases of reorganization or optimization of the size of a company’s workforce


Using this service allows a company to:

Maintain a positive image


Avoid employee dissatisfaction that may spill out into the market and damage the company's reputation


Protect performance
and efficiency


Train employees in effective job search skills


We help clients:

  • Assess the competence of staff in accordance with the interests of their position in the market
  • Train employees in effective and systematic job search skills
  • Involve staff in recruiting campaigns of clients or companies that may be interested in them, depending on their qualifications and demand in the market


Outplacement Programs

At the request of the client, both individual and group programs to work with the staff can be arranged.

The contents and length of the program may also vary depending on the specific goals and objectives of the participants.

Counseling is provided by experienced experts who are familiar with the modern labor market and current trends, as well as job search strategies.

Program activities can include:



Educational activities designed to inform participants on the main aspects of the job search: formulating job search goals, general principles of behavior in the labor market, communication with agencies and employers, resume and cover letter preparation, resume distribution, types of interviews and interview preparation, offer negotiations and returning to work.



Training: interactive training during which participants acquire skills and confidence when looking for work and employment; includes analysis of case studies and simulations of real interview situations.



Consultation on technology job search and interview techniques; individual counseling for program participants; mock interviews with a consultant with focused feedback and recommendations for improvement.



Consultation on and aid in compiling a resume; resume analysis and improved alignment with job search goals. 



Consultation on different sectors of the market with a professional who specializes in the industry and issues unique to this sector of the labor market and potential opportunities for the candidate.



Joint planning of the job search for the participant: identification of information resources during the search, potential employers and how to approach them.



Assistance for employees in the labor market (as part of an additional version of the individual outplacement program) in interactions with potential employers according to a structured plan and organization of meetings for program participants according to the employee's qualifications and demand in the market.



 Assistance for participants of the individual program at all stages.


We have analyzed the most common questions and problems that come to us from our clients and we decided to create a series of trainings. We currently successfully conduct these trainings on a regular basis:



The “Team Spirit” Business Game  


2-3 houres

Number of participants

Up to 15 people


It's no secret that a well-coordinated team is the key to business success. But often we do not realize how our colleagues and leaders feel in the team. Have they formed a real team? And if not, what prevents this? How do we see our colleagues, managers and each other?
Training Format

Easy, interesting and informative game.

We will draw, write and tell each other about ourselves and the world around us.



Goal Setting, Objectives, and Feedback


From 3 to 7 hours (depending on the number of participants)

Number of participants

Maximum 10 people


Training for

Division, department and office heads, as well as project managers.

It is often difficult for managers to properly assign tasks to a subordinate and ask to see substantial results. It’s even harder if you are heading a project team. And what about experienced managers who are facing a new generation of employees with a new set of challenges?

Training Format
Work in groups and pairs. We will discuss four aspects of performance targets, setting tasks for oneself and one’s subordinates and focusing on the result. We’ll work with feedback from subordinates and ways to encourage criticism.


Business Game: “New Employee Engagement”


From 2 to 5 hours

Number of participants

Up to 15 people


Training scenarios can vary depending on the task and number of participants.

Your team is experiencing turnover, gaining new employees and leaders. Often a new manager finds it hard to penetrate a tight-knit team, or an employee joining a new team finds it hard to fit in. What can be done? The answer is in this business game!


We also conduct the following trainings:


  • How to be interviewed

  • How to conduct interviews

  • Resume Writing

  • Motivating employees


We are ready to conduct training on the topics that interest you.

Have you just organized your start-up?


2-3 houres

Number of participants

Up to 10 people


How to stay motivated? How to endure emotional pressure? How to accustom oneself to the fact that you – and only you – make the decisions and hold responsibility for those decisions? How to organize your workweek? Not enough days and not enough hours in a day?

We are willing to provide answers to all those questions and discuss many other situations and factors, which influence the life of entrepreneurs.


Training Format

Round table, discussion and brainstorming.