We assist candidates in building a career which brings professional satisfaction, enjoyment and financial results.


How to assess your strengths and zones of growth?

How to build a career making use of your advantages?

How to learn what activity you will enjoy and benefit from?

How to understand if you are ready to take a leading position and retain it easily?

We address most pressing challenges and find solutions:

  1. How to choose the “right” job?

  2. How to treat our weaknesses?

  3. Does your job correspond to your strengths?

  4. How to assess if your job suits you?

  5. How happy are you at the end of a working day?

  6. How to find your own energy sources?

How to adapt quickly in new work contexts?

We offer a comprehensive analysis with the use of unique questionnaires iWAM, VSQ, and Сomet developed by JOBEQ, to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Localized targeted planning and career building applying the strengths.

  2. Assistance with the determination of an interesting activity, an employer.

  3. Adaptation in new work contexts.


3 key advantages of assessment using iWAm and VSQ
Depth of research
Low cost

Embraces not only the external behavioral aspect of a person, but also the levels of his/her values, beliefs, motivation. 

The test takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The test results may be obtained immediately via e-mail.

Using the online platform ensures a lower cost of testing as compared to many assessment tools with similar functionality. 

What results do you get?

  1. Comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Knowledge of how to use own advantages in the career development.

  3. The understanding of what motivates you adds to the success. 

  1. Define the development plan on your own with the efficient use of strong competences and modify the zones of growth; or

  2. With our assistance, undergo coaching to support you in the achievement of the identified objectives.

How to proceed based on the test results?


Introduction, setting the task


Online test


Interpretation of the test results in a personal meeting or via Skype 



Personalized counseling:


  • Coaching sessions
  • Shadow coaching
  • Business presentation
  • Sales
  • Efficient team
  • Situational leadership
  • Manager as a coach
  • Coaching in competence development
  • Coaching in personal efficiency
  • Coach for objectives and results
  • Coach for top managers
  • Other