Is your decision to fire

an employee right?

Our certified experts conduct personnel assessment using the iWAM (internet questionnaire concerning work attitude and motivation) and the VSQ (value systems questionnaire) questionnaires, which serve to resolve any HR-tasks.


iWAM determines person’s preferences and motivators concerning work and does not rely on the personality theory on the whole

Why isn’t a strong and bright team fulfilling the plan?

Is a certain employee ready to assume a director position?

  • Recruitment for any positions, including the top, key ones.

  • Pre-training diagnostics.

  • Pre-coaching diagnostics.

  • Career planning.

  • Selection and development of the pool of qualified candidates.

  • Building temporary and permanent teams.

  • Corporate culture diagnostics.

The personnel assessment enables to hire employees with the right attitude to work and train them in missing competences. 


5 key advantages of assessment using iWAm and VSQ
Depth of research
Low cost

Embraces not only the external behavioral aspect of a person, but also the levels of his/her values, beliefs, motivation. 

The test takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The test results may be obtained immediately via e-mail.

Using the online platform ensures a lower cost of testing as compared to many assessment tools with similar functionality. 


Thorough research is our priority. The iWAM and VSQ questionnaires have been developed by specialists of world’s leading universities.


One report may serve as a tool of selection, as well as of management, coaching, and team building. It even contains a section that describes what language should be used to motivate the person in question!


48 iWAM patterns analyze the work context and give insight into understanding of how these patterns evoke and manage emotions. The questionnaires present a complete picture of what characteristics help an employee address ongoing challenges and what features are hindrances and require development.

What employee is to be hired?

Why doesn’t a strong manager create an efficient team?


Holding a meeting, formation of a request

Development plan


Holding an interpretation session


Identifying tasks


Preparation of a specific development plan

Individual counseling and support

Globally, the company will be able to:
  1. Boost sales

  2. Increase ROI

  3. Reduce staff turnover

  4. Improve manageability

  5. Improve team interaction

  6. Support organizational changes

  7. Assess the current level of corporate culture

As a result, all the interested parties will be involved in the process and acquire necessary skills and knowledge
The assessment of motivational and attitudinal factors is the reliance on the company’s untapped resource
You will be able to
  • build an efficient team by means of the test. Using the team report, detect conflict areas, difficulties of communication, zones of growth;
  • model profiles of successful employees and use such models as a guideline when hiring;
  • confront employees’ competences and develop missing competences;
  • modify motivation, adapt managerial styles.
  • knows whether the employee is up to the job;

  • knows how to set objectives and monitor performance without loss of information;

  • knows what motivates the employee and ensures his/her loyalty.


  • obtains a tool characterized by high predictability in the selection;

  • obtains a tool of detection of the need in training and development;

  • obtains a tool of corporate culture analysis.










  • learns more about his/her strengths and weaknesses;
  • understands what job is best suitable for him/her and obtains a leverage to influence his/her further career.