Internet Marketing Manager (International company)



  • Planning and executing internet marketing campaigns;

  • Supporting movie and company PR activities in Internet;

  • Кeeping alive and updated Internet website;

  • Сreating easy-to-handle professional ftp website for journalists and exhibitors;

  • Сreating and adapting flash banners;

  • Preparing domestic online materials;

  • Negotiating with bloggers, movie and entertainment websites keepers;

  • Masterminding viral campaigns.


  • Higher education;
  • Ability to develop a website of intermediate level, design static and flash banners;
  • Understanding of pixel integration for data analysis; working knowledge of CSS; knowledge of HTML5;
  • Understanding of big data and must know how to work with API integration processes into sites and partner sites/ for work with exhibitors and online ticketing providers;
  • Understanding of principles of creating and promoting digital content online through social media /Instagram/Facebook;
  • Good level of English language skills.