From the Director

For 5 years I have inspired people to open their own businesses. 
I see entrepreneurial potential in every person
and believe that we should use this gift and speak openly about it. And, as many say, infect them with enthusiasm.

When I stopped working in a large company, I thought, why not open my own business? Here and now is the time and place to become self-employed and leverage my entrepreneurial qualities.


Recently, recruitment began to change dramatically. It is now evident that the pace of change is gaining momentum and soon the recruitment landscape will look completely different. Two clear areas are facing change ahead: online recruitment  and professional headhunting. And companies that work with open sources or shared resources, will have to transform themselves.

Why do headhunters remain in demand? When business changes in response to various internal and external factors and companies need a new type of professional ready to solve their problems, the shortage of personnel makes partnerships with professional headhunters necessary.

I have attracted proactive and professional headhunters who know how to help and clients and candidates in their business endeavors to my team. Leaders Labs was created to attract strong and positive consultants who love their profession. I have always built and continue to build long-term relationships with the consultants I work with. I have trained many of them, nurtured them and sent them out into the world with the belief that professionals must work in different ways, gaining experience in different companies and countries. I am convinced that it is necessary to invest in people, and I get professional satisfaction when my "graduates" are successful in Russian and Western companies.

We have created a website and organized information in a way that is convenient for both candidates and our clients

Send us feedback if you like something, or if you would like to suggest a change for the better.  



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General Director

Maria Barbakadze

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In conclusion, I wanted to share my impressions from communicating with people like myself who are creating startups and with those who have already taken a place as representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. For me it was a surprise how friendly and how readily the SME community comes to each other’s aid, and how many are open to the exchange of ideas and advice. There are amazing people around us!


I am interested in like-minded people: those who work in SMEs, 


startups in different sectors or those about to launch a new project. I invite you to join my page on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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