Our customers know that the professionals at Leaders Labs are ready to take on the most complex projects and successfully complete any task set before them.

Recruitment is not only searching for and reviewing resumes - it is working with candidates and representatives of businesses and HR.


Leaders Labs consultants conduct multi-sided negotiations and address complex problems. We are certain that we can do this better than others. We are proud that our clients come to us again and again.


The Leaders Labs team is a collective of like-minded people. We all value three main principles: expertise, quality of work and a result-oriented work ethic. Our customers’ trust is very important for us.


We are pleased that customers appreciate our professionalism and turn to us when they want to execute high-precision, confidential and complex projects in finance, sales, marketing, legal and HR.



Our customers always speak highly about the company we created:
"The professionals at Leaders Labs are the best consultants for us"


We work with Russian and foreign banks. Most of our customers now require solid and experienced professionals who are able to solve problems in strategy, change management and operational efficiency. With our help, clients attract experienced and rare talent for projects with different areas of focus.


In our work in the banking sector, we cover areas such as corporate finance, risk, sales and product development in full-service, corporate, retail and investment banks.



A company’s success depends on accounting and finance professionals.

Accounting, business planning, budgeting, cost control, financial modeling - these and many other functions allow businesses to make a profit.

These professionals usually market themselves less actively and sometimes do not have visibility with prospective employers. However, we successfully execute searches for these types of professionals and find ways to get to these experts for companies in a variety of industries and financial institutions.


Are the driving force behind a company. It is not surprising that successful managers and executives in sales or business development come at a great price. The demand for professionals in this area is now especially great as the market becomes more competitive and companies must fight for each customer.

Such situations demand highly sought after professionals in attracting new business and for advising major clients. There is also high demand for candidates with knowledge of English in the regions.





This specialty is important for any company that cares about its market positioning and perception by consumers. Today, marketing is a necessary element of any large business that wants to be visible in the market and aims for a leading position.


We know candidates with extensive experience in online and offline channels, with a focus on marketing communications and digital. We have professionals who successfully implement campaigns in rebranding, business integration, HR-branding and customer experience in the field. These are experts in the field of strategic planning and operational management.


We are creating a team of professionals who monitor and manage the branding and positioning of a company in the market, crafting the right image and developing an optimal strategy for promotion. It is exactly this type of work that is the key to leadership and success in today's competitive market.


Is one of the most crucial departments in a company, because without a strategy for staff management and personnel development, building a strong business is difficult. The modern HR manager is a business partner and strategic manager who solves a number of key issues: HR policy formation, working with talent, developing of training systems, motivation, and promoting company culture.


On a daily basis we interact with HR representatives from different companies, and leveraging our network allows you to successfully find solutions to any difficulties.





Legal departments exist in every company. The task of a successful lawyer is not only to support business, but also to minimize risks and anticipate and solve difficult situations.


We have successfully cooperated with a number of companies to fill legal positions. Our expertise includes projects in corporate, contract and international law. We have successfully completed projects for law firms, private clients and companies from different sectors of the economy (banks, construction, retail, airlines, manufacturing, large holdings and other areas).