Our candidates know they can turn to us for advice on many issues:


How to create a bright and professional resume


How to position yourself
in the market


What trends are relevant in the market


Very often, mid-level managers and senior managers come to us facing urgent and difficult questions:
  • How valuable are they for other companies?

  • How to set career goals for the next 2-5 years?

  • Whether or not to continue their education, getting an MBA and how it will affect their career

  • How can a transfer from one field to another be explained to prospective employers?


  • Career development paths

  • Industry market advising

  • Current labor market analysis in a particular segment and identification of opportunities for a candidate

  • Creation of strategic job search strategy

  • Job search technology and interview techniques

  • Effective communication with agencies and potential employers

  • Drafting a professional resume and cover letter

  • Interview preparation

Some of the topics that we discuss with our candidates:

We help candidates who are working successfully in different regions of the country assess their potential and market opportunities using interviews, training and coaching sessions.


In the Jobs section you will find information on vacancies with our clients. If you still have not found an interesting vacancy, it’s possible your experience is suitable for one of our confidential clients or a future project. Not all vacancies are posted on the site. We welcome you to submit your resume to


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