Who we are?
Leaders Labs is a team of professional consultants specializing in high-precision, confidential and complex projects in finance, sales, marketing, law and HR


The Leaders Labs team is made up by headhunters with three to ten years of experience. We have worked in well-known Western and Russian recruiting companies and have decided to create a new company to apply our knowledge and skills in a new format and at a new level.


Our team knows and loves the business we work in. We believe that our way is the path to success.



Why choose us?

Our team looks for and finds the best senior and mid-level managers, as well as highly qualified professionals with rare skills.


Our team uses direct search skills and technology that can successfully find the right professional in any company under any conditions, and in any place or time zone.


The Leaders Labs office is located in Moscow, and we can successfully execute regional and international projects remotely.


Our team keeps its finger on the pulse of business. We follow the current trends in the market to be the first to tell you about them.


What other services do we offer?

We provide outplacement and guide employees in a forced transition to another job.


We provide training to help improve the efficiency of business processes and improve communication within the team.


We advise our candidates on various issues: resume writing, interview skills, increased visibility in the market, analyses of recent trends and the expansion of personal networking.


We work effectively with representatives of HR and businesses to help both sides find an optimal solution to complex human resource problems.


What do we believe in?
We believe in open and constructive dialogue with our customers and build a partnership with each client


Recruitment as a lifestyle and a way of thinking engenders a constant focus on our work.


Your continued success is our best indicator.


Orientation on results generates a passion for progress, which leads to the successful solution of any problem!


We work with market leaders and those who want to become leaders.